Contradiction # 1

If something is possible, it doesn’t sound exciting enough to be the kind of thing that gets funded. If something is impossible, it might sound like a thing worth striving for and funding.

Contradiction # 2

In order to manage contradictions (to be a good manager), they need to be identified .Pointing out contradictions feels like “speaking of out turn”, an aggressive, confrontational, obnoxious thing to do — the kind thing a bad manager would do

Contradiction # 3 — “The Chicken Soup” paradox (I’ll explain later)

The harder you work to deliver a project the more information you gather about why that project is not deliverable in the form that it is originally expressed.

Contradiction # 4 — The “Agreed Activity” paradox.

The way of working that feels safest and most comfortable to the team is one which reduces the chances of the team delivering the project. A way of working that feels slightly uncomfortable for the team is most likely to deliver the project, but it’s also the most likely to get the team or the project manager removed from the project.

Contradiction # 5 — The “tech debt” paradox

The faster you go, the slower you will go, until you stop

Contradiction #6 — The “Wreck of an idea” paradox

Software that starts to deliver value on an the initial idea of a project is likely to be so feeble, look so unnattractive, and cost so much, that the developers don’t want to show it and the clients don’t want to look at it.

Contradiction #7 — The software development methodology selling paradox

Software development is a risky, messy and emotional business, which is why there is such market for methodologies that pretend it is low risk, clean and logical.

Contradiction #8 — Bricks without straw

Very often we asked asked to produce software without something that is absolutely essential to producing software: network connectivity, access to the building, access to software licences, access to the people who know how the software should work or access to the servers where the software can be deployed.

Contradiction #9 — self-harm

We’re asked to do something that would harm ourselves, or the organisation, work for no money or do something illegal.



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Mark Stringer

Mark Stringer

What daemon possessed me that I behaved so well? - Henry David Thoreau